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Essence Yates

Essence Yates photo Essence Yates
Certified Personal Trainer/ Fitness Studio Owner

My spirituallyfitt journey began back in 2016. My favorite (and only) uncle passed away from cardiac arrest . Being a main male role model in my life I turned to food in my depression and grieving. I was the biggest I had ever been in 2018 and at the age of 19 had a blood Clot in my right arm. No longer did I turn to food and other things of the world I knew I had to turn my life back around and give it to God! So I wouldn’t fall to the same fate as my beloved uncle. God changed my life so that I could INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and ENCOURAGE others to seek God for their lives as well. When working with clients, I like to empower you with knowledge to apply for a lifetime. Instead of handing you a meal plan, I teach you how to build your own. You will enjoy building your Temple Up for God to Dwell in! Let’s Press Towards the Mark! Phillippians 3:14